Charter of China Center for Edgar Snow Studies

  1. The China Center for Edgar Snow Studies is a non-profit organization dedicated to academic research and international cooperation and communication.
  2. The mission of the Center will be: to study and introduce the biograghy and works of Edgar Snow, an American friend of the Chinese people, and works of other prestigious international friends; to publicize their admirable deeds; to enhance mutual understanding between Chinese and American people; and to promote friendship and cooperation between China and other countries.
  3. The major tasks of the Center will include: to study and introduce the deeds of Edgar Snow and other international friends; to collect their works, manuscripts, photos, other documents and data; to translate and compile their works and biographical notes; to cooperate with relevant overseas organizations, entities or individuals to publish relevant works; to arrange exchange and communication with relevant organizations, entities or individuals in the United States and other countries.
  4. The administration of the Center will consist of: a Director and Deputy Directors, a Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General, and Committee Members. The Center will also invite persons to become Honorary Directors and Advisory Board Members in China and abroad if necessary.
  5. The Center will be financed by endowments from relevant domestic and international organizations, entities, enterprises and individuals.