The 6th Helen Snow Translation Award Contest

Helen Foster Snow was a well-known American writer, journalist and social activist. She was also a faithful friend of the Chinese people. She devoted her life to the Chinese revolution and development, and to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries and their peoples. To promote Helen Foster Snow’s spirit of building the bridge of friendship, generate college students’ interest in translation, and discover and cultivate new talents in translation, Shaanxi Translation Association has successfully held five Helen Snow Translation Award contests since 2002. The 6th Helen Snow Translation Award Contest is scheduled to be held from March 1 to June 30, 2016, co-sponsored by China Center for Edgar Snow Studies of Peking University, Southern Utah University, Northwest University, and Shaanxi Translation Association. The method and rules of the contest is as follows:

1. The contest includes two parts: English-to-Chinese translation and Chinese-to-English translation. The English passages are extracted from Helen Foster Snow’s works, and the Chinese passages are extracted from articles about Helen Foster Snow written by well-known scholars at home and abroad. The contest rules and the E-C and C-E passages for translation will be released on the homepage of Shaanxi Translation Association website at hppt:// on March 1, 2016.

2. Qualified contestants should be students currently enrolled in colleges and universities across the country, including undergraduates, college students and graduate students. Students of some American universities are also eligible to take this year’s contest. Contestants must provide their student ID on the participant information form. The Helen Snow Translation Award Contest never charges any fee.

3. The English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English parts each has first, second, and third prizes and excellence awards. The winners will receive certificates jointly issued by the four sponsors. The list of winners will be released on the homepage of Shaanxi Translation Association on September 21, 2016. The reference versions of the E-C and C-E translations will also be released simultaneously.

4. Southern Utah University provides scholarship for a Chinese student taking part in the contest. The best two candidates will be selected from winners of the first, second, and third prizes of the two sections after the interview by the jury, taking into account the results of the written and oral tests. The two candidates must write a 300-500 words essay in English, stating why they would like to spend one semester at Southern Utah University, and send the essay directly to the email of the International Student Department of Southern Utah University as an attached file before September 30. Southern Utah University will select one from the two candidates to be the scholarship recipient and officially notify him/her on October 15. The scholarship recipient will be studying at Southern Utah University for one semester, starting January 3, 2017.

5. Northwest University provides scholarship (only tuition fees) for one American college student participating in this contest. The scholarship recipient will be selected from the winners of the first, second, and third prizes of the two sections through the comprehensive interview conducted by the College of International Cultural Exchange (CICE), Northwest University. The scholarship recipient will be studying at Northwest University, China for one semester starting March 1, 2017. American contestants are welcome to visit the website of CICE, Northwest University ( ) for more information about the study here.

6. Northwest University provides preference for Chinese students participating in the contest in the admission of its MTI (Master of Translation and Interpretation) program. Winners of the first, second, and third prizes of the two sections, after filing for an application for admission, can be given preference in the admission to the MTI program of School of Foreign Languages, Northwest University under the same condition.

7. Contestants must inherit and carry forward Helen Foster Snow’s character of honesty, trustworthiness, and truth-seeking, so as to ensure the seriousness and authenticity of the contest. Any fraudulent behavior is not tolerated in the contest. The jury will conduct video interviews and oral tests on the contestants shortlisted for the first, second, and third prizes.

8. The contest is organized by Shaanxi Translation Association. Northwest University and the Literary Translation Committee of Shaanxi Translation Association will handle the specific matters. The jury is composed of well-known foreign language education experts, translators, writers and critics. There are two panels under the jury, which are responsible for specific evaluation and review work of the E-C and C-E sections respectively. The contest is supervised by Edgar & Helen Snow Studies Center, Northwest University as authorized by Helen Foster Snow Literary Trust.

9. The translations for the contest should be printed on A4 paper; small-IV Times New Roman must be used for English fonts, and small-IV Song typeface must be used for Chinese fonts, with a fixed 20-point row spacing. There mustn’t be any implied language, symbol or picture hinting at the contestant’s name, gender, education, university or identity in the paper or the main part of the translation; otherwise the contestant will be disqualified immediately after any above-mentioned sign is found. Contestants’ personal information must be neatly and accurately filled in on a separate page. The completed participant information form (see attachment) must be mailed to Shaanxi Translation Association along with the translation of the contest.

10. Deadline: All Chinese and American contestants must mail the printed version of the translation to Shaanxi Translation Association before June 30, 2016 (subject to the postmark) at: Room 303, Shijiashangwu, No. 101, Nanguanzheng Street, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China, Postcode: 710068

China Center for Edgar Snow Studies
Southern Utah University
Northwest University
Shaanxi Translation Association
Supported by: China Society for People’s Friendship Studies
Supervised by: Edgar & Helen Snow Studies Center, Northwest University

March 1, 2016